Sufjan in Amsterdam 11 November 2006

It was certainly worth the wait. Sufjan set the Paradiso in Amsterdam alight on Saturday night – well him and the nine other musicans. Five brass instruments, electric guitar, drums, banjo, grand piano, another upright one, clarinet and lots and lots of blow up santas and supermans (supermen?). It was a frenzy of music almost two hours long and every last drop was delicious. All the musicians and Sufjan himself were dressed up for the ocassion with special winged costumes and a big screen showing super 8 pictures just all added to the ambiance of the night.  My personal highlights were the new song Majesty Snowbird, The Dress Looks Nice on You and John Wayne Gacy Jr and of course the story he told about the Predatory Wasp.  John Wayne GacyJr. was so delicate and heartfelt it was incredibly beautiful – quite amazing really considering the topic. The last thing Sufjan said was ‘I hope we touched your heart tonight’ and without any doubt he certainly did. It was a very very special and unique evening. Here’s the set list;

1. Sister
2. The Transfiguration
3. Man of Metropolis
5. A Short Reprise for Mary Todd..
6. Casimir Pulaski
7. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
9. Predatory Wasp of the Pallisades..
10.Seven Swans
11. That Was The Worst Christmas Ever
12. Dear Mr. Supercomputer
13. Majesty Snowbird
14. ChicagoEncore
15. Concerning the UFO sighting
16.John Wayne Gacy Jr.
17. The Dress Looks Nice On You

As if one great concert wasn’t enough I had the good fortune to see Cortney Tidwell and Tunng the next night in
Rotterdam. Cortney was wonderful in her short set which really left you wanting more and more. Afterwards I met her and she signed my CD and even gave me a hug and a kiss – what an incredibly sweet lady! Tunng were very unusual to say the least – English folk music with electronic samples – quite fun and melodic actually and featured amongst others a man playing seashells with his toes, horses teeth and a lady playing a toy butterfly and a weird drum with a tail (you’d have to see it to believe). A fabulous weekend all round really ………………..  


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