Bell X1 Amsterdam 15 February 2007

Bell X1 in Paradiso in Amsterdam last night – Just Great! They were playing in the small room and really rocked out. Despite being behind the tallest man in the world (seriously- he even had a certificate …… well probably) I had a fabuous time.  They played all my favourites which was really very kind of them indeed. Paul told us that at the recent Fr Ted festival on the Aran islands they played Bell X1 music during the Beautiful Walks heat of the Lovely Girls contest. Of course this resulted in an audience chorus of Fecks, Girl’s Knickers‘s and Down with this sort of thing‘s – very strange to hear at a concert in Amsterdam on a rainy Monday evening in March. It was a wonderful gig overall, oh and Paul had really clean hair.The grass really is greener where it rains…


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