DeVotchKa, Amsterdam 25 August ’07

They were 40 minutes late. An extra 40 minutes in an unventilated small venue on a hot August evening feels like an eternity. People were beginning to act restlessly. There was a slight wave of tension building up and sweat beads began to form on every forehead when they finally came on stage. 

It was incredibly hot. Sizzling. The music and the temperature. What an incredible show. The energy and atmosphere were as close to perfect as possible. The heat and the desperate desire for them to come on stage added to the experience. This is music that deserves a feeling of longing. They themselves looked a gypsy, a rabbi, a wedding singer and an accountant and they managed to make me melt into their dirty, Balkan beatastic music. The singer guzzled red wine straight from the bottle pouring some over his head at one point – probably trying not to overheat. Tom Waits eat your heart out! This is dirty, lusty, meloncholic, tender and thrilling all at once.

To say that they are an extremely talented group of people is a complete understatement and I had the widest grin possible the whole time they were on. Sweat was dripping off everyone in the small room. Jeanie had her massive sousaphone decorated with party lights in the shape of flowers and looked to be enjoying every single note she played. They picked up new instruments for some songs and swapped some around for others. They had us swaying, rocking, stunned and moved. They are not to be missed live. My love affair has only just begun.


2 responses to “DeVotchKa, Amsterdam 25 August ’07

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  2. Such an amazing show! Worth every drop of sweat!

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