Can’t get there from here

The fanclub pre-sale started this morning but I made a conscious decision not to traipse all the way to a park outside Amsterdam in June on a work night to see R.E.M. In a way this is a tragic shame as I am a really big fan and admire them more than almost all other big sellers. I decided not to bother for two reasons 1) I’m used to seeing the artists I admire up close and personal – usually in Paradiso Melweg, Rotown or Paard. I like to see the facial expressions the musicians swap and feel like I’m a part of it all not gazing at a spot in the distance 2) I was at one of the Olympia concerts in Dublin last summer and got just that with R.E.M. And that simply cannot be beaten. R.E.M. in a big field isn’t about the music it’s about a show and I love R.E.M. for the former rather than the later. Dublin was not a show 🙂

Not to worry, I’m still dying to hear the new CD and while Supernatural Superserious hasn’t exactly set me alight it certainly does come wrapped up with warm promises for a great album and I am thoroughly enjoying the anticipation that comes with waiting for a new R.E.M. album. Something that doesn’t happen anywhere near often enough.

You can listen to Supernatural Superserious now on


3 responses to “Can’t get there from here

  1. Oh, I hear you on the large venues thing but the Westerpark is a surprisingly good outdoor venue. I was at about 3 of the concerts there last summer and had a blast! Plus, it’s only a 10 min walk from Centraal Station…

  2. Hmm. I like Supernatural Superserious enough. I presume they played that live last year?

    So does this mean you’ll never see REM again? Do you think they’ll still play the small venues?

    They’ve been confirmed to play oxegen over here this summer.

  3. catherine – ohhh you’re making me doubt myself now…

    alan – They did but it wasn’t one that stood out then – It was called Disguise back then if I recall. What an incredible gig that was – it took me hours to calm down afterwards 🙂

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