For America

Like most sane music lovers I have a love/hate relationship with 80’s music. And even then most people who like 80’s music do so in an ironic cool sort of way. I’m not so much into 80’s irony so I really have to like the songs to like the songs, if you get my drift. There are about 15 odd songs that I have deemed worthy of repeated play in Conorland such as One Night in Bangkok, Cars, High and Low, Big in Japan … all of which still get played now and again on radio anyway. I do have an all time favourite pop track from the 80’s though (how very unlike me to have a favourite anything)  and it’s one that most people have forgotten about. it’s Red Box For America from 1986 when I was only nine years old. Young and all as I was I remember it very very well and have loved it from the beginning. I just recently discovered that they wrote this song after the record label requested they write something more suitable for the American Market – so that makes it cool and ironic after all.  

A few weeks ago the only person I know to ever have even heard of Red Box sent me another song of theirs Lean on Me (ah-li-ayo). I had told him that I only ever knew For America so I was very excited to hear another and when I played it I was sent down a rapid white knuckled nostalgia ride right back to my childhood. It turns out I did remember it – very very well! I just hadn’t remembered the name or that it was by Red Box. It must have been the first time I had heard it in twenty years. I was frozen to my seat catapulted back to my youth in a way I had never expected. It was incredible!

The result being that Lean on Me has now been added to my 80’s favourites too. Red Box were a truly wonderful pop band. So original and great song writers to boot. Why can’t pop today be more like it was then 🙂



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