Album of the month – February 2008

Strangely the very first thing to attract me to this was the cover. It’s a cover that makes you think of a great party back in your uni days or something. Happy nostalgia. This is why I investigated this CD.  It’s also a very embarrassing way to choose which new music to listen to. Don’t judge a book and all but this time it paid off and I ended up having a mad passionate affair with the album. When I went to find out more about it I discovered that they were pretty much everyone’s current favourite. Universally good reviews and hugely well known for a debut album.

Well it’s easy to see why. It’s just the time of year when you need a breath of musical fresh air and this is pretty much a hurricane of great, fun tunes. It puts me in mind of a sunny Saturday morning leisurely getting ready for a fun day ahead. Oxford Comma had me actually laughing aloud with glee. I can’t remember the last time that happened listening to new music. It’s such a cheeky tune – musically and lyrically. The intro to M79 sounds like the theme music to some antiques show on BBC and then turns into something slightly resembling The Police of all people. Every song is catchy and bright without ever compromising credibility. It’s a wonderfully spunky album – I  wonder if they can keep it up.


2 responses to “Album of the month – February 2008

  1. They did a live set on KCRW a few weeks back which has me absolutely gagging to see them:

    Album of the year so far for me I think!

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