Mrs D Mrs I Mrs FFI Mrs C Mrs ULT


In amidst all my indie cool and americana chic I have always loved pop. But not all pop – I’m talking creative, funky clever pop. It can be cheesy but it has to have some degree of quality. I adore Overload by the Sugababes for example.  How about Madonna’s La Isla Bonita or Dolly’s 9 to 5. There’s little as good for the musical soul as a good pop song. A few years ago someone made an entire album of quality pop songs. In fact I would venture that Annie‘s 2005 album Anniemal is one of the best true pop albums ever made and certainly the best in the last few years. Why it didn’t sell by the truck load is an utter mystery. Way too good for the teeny boppers probably.
It starts with Chewing Gum whose beats, melody and lyrics are the most bubble gum pop it gets on the CD.  It’s a musical alcopop of fun and is perfectly placed to get you in the mood. The album continues with song after song of dirty beats and slick rhythms. There is little throw away about anything on the rest of the album. The lyrics are clearly written by someone with a good sense of irony and the melodies are straight from Scandinavian pop heaven. Heartbeat is the warmest sounding pop song in years – utterly delicious, Greatest Hit is a fiery ball of blissful energy and Me Plus One has hilarious lyrics over a track that is impossible not to dance to.

This is an album for the indie kids too I promise. It’s fun, catchy, clever, funky and nothing short of beautiful! Just let your hair down and dance about your kitchen – you know you want to.

Buy it here for next to nothing.



3 responses to “Mrs D Mrs I Mrs FFI Mrs C Mrs ULT

  1. Nice choice. Loathe as I am to admit it, Heartbeat seems to e the song that the other half has chosen as ‘our’ song….

    Good taste lol!

  2. Anniemal is one of my most favoritest albums ever ever ever!

    She has a new one coming out in September! HOORAH.

  3. Yipeeeeee, can’t wait!

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