No More Sexy Mistakes

I was truly devastated to hear the news that one of my favourite bands The Chalets have called it a day. Even more upsetting was to hear that the reasons were largely financial.

“We had brilliant fun during the six years The Chalets were together, but being on a small independent label made it tough financially. The tour we did with Kaiser Chiefs, for instance, was great but paid for by my maxed out credit card. As a result, I had to move back in with my parents which isn’t really what you want to be doing when you’re the wrong side of 30, and we all got proper 9-to-5s. We cleared our debts and thought, ‘Hang on, this getting paid every week lark is quite good.’ –  Dylan Roche

The Chalets were something incredibly unique – especially for Ireland. I always describe them as a cross between the B-52’s and Pixies which in my book is just what the world needs. They were uniquely fun and extremely talented. Their one album Check In remains a favourite in Conorland. It really is sad that I will never have the opportunity to check them out live again. They were spectacular in concert – I had the widest smile on my face during their entire set.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed though that this isn’t the end. Maybe if I win the lotto I can fund them… In the meantime have a listen to why I think they were fabulous. Turn it up and then drown your sorrows that they are no more (and then go buy the album if you haven’t already).

The Chalets – No Style


One response to “No More Sexy Mistakes

  1. I stumbled across here by accident – and even though this is old news I had no idea the Chalets had quit! They were so good! I really thought they were just starting out…

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