Album of the month May

Aimee Mann – @#%&*! Smilers

Mojo deemed this album an instant classic and it’s not hard to see why really. It’s classic Aimee. Nothing new whatsoever, just straight out gloriously simple Aimee tunes. The very best of tunes. Whereas her last couple of albums have had three or so excellent tracks among fillers this is pretty much a constantly great album. What a wonderful relief that is.

It also has one of the most apt songs I’ll ever hear. Apt for a particular time in my life – I’m referring to 31 today which I first heard two weeks before I hit the same number. It was like she had written it for me, and while I might not be quite as miserable as the lady in the song the sentiments aren’t a million miles from home either. But that is the theme of this album – people who aren’t having the best time of their lives for one reason or other.

Her songs here continue her strengths in song writing – clever lyrics and strong Beatles-influenced melodies – always a delicious mix – especially when bound by Aimee’s distinctive voice. Mojo weren’t wrong, one of the strongest albums of the year so far.

31 Today – Aimee Mann

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