Album of the month July

Martha Wainwright – I know you’re married but I’ve got feelings too

This is my favourite surprise of the year so far. Having listened to her last album and being left fairly cold I wasn’t too fussed to give the new one a chance. Even in light of the glowing reviews I kept on coming across – no, I was determined this was not an album for me. And then I received it for my birthday. I smiled graciously wishing I had been given one of the hundreds of albums on my wish list instead. Unsurprisingly it took me a few weeks to run out of excuses not to listen but eventually I put it on one evening while cooking. Background music – nothing too offensive. The first song came on and by the end I was hooked.  I assumed that that would be the best track and the others would be business as usual but how wrong as I was. She keeps the standard up the whole way through, without a doubt.

It’s a warm fuzzy breeze of folk tunes somewhat reminiscent of Melanie. While definitely having a sixties folk feel throughout it certainly doesn’t sound out of place in 2008. The songs still manage to sound relevant to today without sounding forced. I’m not sure how wise it was though to include a cover of See Emily Play and with the other songs being so strong it certainly wasn’t needed to add anything to this wonderful album.

The album also has one of the best titles this year which is taken from a line in the wonderful opening track. It really doesn’t take much to like this bunch of songs. A Melanie for 2008 – who’d have expected that? You can own it too for only €12.50. Who’d be without?


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