Album of the month June

Santogold – Santogold

What a lot of hype there has been this summer for new releases. I’m beginning to think this is simply orchestrated to distract us from what is normally a quiet time for new releases. Usually the big surge happens just after festival season, getting ready for Christmas. Bon Iver for example appears to be the Second Coming if you believe the music press. Sadly, till now after many repeated listens it still doesn’t do anything for me. I can’t get past his voice (and perhaps the story of him locking himself away in a cabin and killing a deer and eating it!). The latest hype to the max is the Hold Steady’s new album – again after about five listens I still find it disappointingly average.

One who has survived through the hype for me though is Santogold. In fact I read one negative review who criticises her for having too many styles on her album. This is precisely what excites me. She manages to bring to mind M.I.A (Shove it), Throwing Muses (lights Out) and Amy Winehouse (Say Aha) at various times while still holding the album together as a strong piece. And she manages to appeal to me far more than M.I.A. or Amy ever did (two more hype balls that I struggle to appreciate).

Put simply Santogold’s album is packed with terrific songs. It’s a pop rap funky blend and they sound fresh and alive! They effortlessly provide a summer feeling which god knows the weather has failed to do. L.E.S. Artistes might just be a contender for song of the year. The introduction alone, turned up nice and loud gets me going like no other track for many a month. My personal favourite though is Lights Out. Its gentle melody so understated after the big pop anthems just gone ahead.

My only problem with the album is the popular track Creator. It’s just a personal gripe – It makes me uncomfortable for the same reasons I dislike a lot of M.I.A.’s work. But that’s a sign of a good album – one where everyone has different favourites, you can dislike a song or two and still love the album. Santogold is definitely one of the most exciting artists this year.

Pick it up here for €8.50


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