Album of the month August

The Heart Strings – Try Fly Blue Sky

There were three contenders for album of the month this time round. All three caught my interest when I was least expecting it. As the weeks went on though The Heart Strings won the war. I couldn’t stop myself putting this CD on again and again. I found myself needing my Heart Strings fix otherwise the day just wasn’t complete.  On the first few listens this album is deceptively sweet and simple sounding. After a while though you realise that this is in fact one of its strengths. The songs are stronger for the honesty with which they are presented. Definitely Beatles inspired and then slightly more Paul than John. It was while listening to Pedalo that I began to realise just how great this group are. It’s a gorgeously charming song about travelling across the sea in a yellow pedalo. As you can imagine this proved a very tiring venture so he took a break aboard a ship which was all great until he found out they were actually whalers after which he felt he had to peddle his merry way again on his aqua bike. Nina and her very long hair is another highlight. The playful title probably gives a lot away about the music already – a simple story about teenage unrequited love and the awkwardness of that age. Kids begins with the words Bang, Crash, K’blam, Smash all sang in the sweetest way possible. The album just continues to weave a spell on the listener and provides the sunny days that summer just didn’t manage on its own. Using piano, trumpets, harp, gentle tones and a warm light they have made of the best albums of the year so far. And it somehow manages to do all this without ever getting too sweet – these are talented musicians and songwriters for sure.

Purchase it here

The Heart Strings- Pedalo


3 responses to “Album of the month August

  1. ooh, excellent developments; this is new music to me. I shall be investigating

  2. Let me know what you think 🙂 I reckon you’ll love it.

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