Bowerbirds – Rotown 17 September 2008

Last Wednesday I went to see Bowerbirds perform at Rotown in Rotterdam. Their debut album Hymns for a Dark Horse is one of my favourites of the year so I was very intrigued how they would sound live. The stunning La Blogotheque clips that are on youtube had given me a fairly good indication and my expectations were high. Unrealistically high perhaps? Actually no. Rotown is probably my favourite venue in the country. It’s such a privilege to see good artists perform here as the intimacy levels are exceptional. The sound is always good and the audience among the best you can get.

With a group of only three musicians they were stunning in transferring their songs live. With a guitar, violin, big drum (like in the video) and accordion they made the music sound effortless and rich. Peppered with glorious harmonies and irregular rhythms they were glorious on stage. I went away loving them far more than when I entered the place in the beginning and that was already a lot believe me. I also had the good fortune to meet them afterwards and they charmed the socks off me. An incredible evening all round.


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