Aimee Mann Melkweg Amsterdam 20th October 2008

Oh what a show. Oh what a performer. Oh what amazing songs and oh what an incredible band. This concert was easily one of the very best I have ever been to in my life. Every single element gelled together to create an incredible musical force. Dutch audiences are usually very respectful and this was no different. During the quieter moments you could hear nothing but Aimee’s Voice, despite the fullness of the venue. What struck me was also how great her band is. This is clearly a group of people who love playing with each other and fit together superbly. The concert was also responsible for the most perfect musical moment I’ve had in years. The rendition of Little Tornado on that stage in Melkweg was the closest thing to perfection I could imagine. The song was sculpted by brushes of notes, delicate harmonies and even whistling the likes I’ve not heard since seeing Andrew Bird. The audience was totally frozen in the moment you could almost feel a collective letting out of breath when it was over. Breathtaking. Stunning. Achingly beautiful and thrilling. Pure magic and I do not say that lightly. If she had only played that one song the way she did the concert would still have been a success.

But she didn’t just do that, she performed a wonderful mixture of old and new. And a great testament to her latest album is the fact that arguably the newer songs sounded the best during the concert. Although Wise Up also took my breath away, even as she whispered ‘and don’t forget to wear your safety belt’ during the final notes as she explained that someone had used the song in Portugal for a car safety advert.

She is truly a captivating performer and anyone lucky enough to see her live will surely be a fan forever.


2 responses to “Aimee Mann Melkweg Amsterdam 20th October 2008

  1. She was even better in London!

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