Album of the Month October

Lisa Hannigan – Sea Sew

This is a deceptive album. On first listen I thought to myself that it was sweet, simple, easy listening music. Harmless. There were a couple of standout tracks and the rest sailed by unassumingly. It was only after accidentally listening to it a few more times that I realised that the worth of these songs is hidden. This is actually a really great album full of shining moments. Lille, Pistachio, Sea Song  and Ocean and a Rock are the best to my ears. Ocean and a Rock possesses some of the most beautiful lyrics for a love song I’ve come across in a long time. Do not let the simplicity fool you – this is a work of great talent indeed. There is only one song of which I would question the merits of. I don’t know would have made a fine quirky b-side but it’s lyrics grated on me before the end of the song on first listen and became annoying from the second listen onwards. That aside this subtle album has more than enough beauty to easily make up for that.  Hers is a talent that surely can only grow.



You can buy it here for next to nothing. So worth it!


2 responses to “Album of the Month October

  1. I adore Ocean And A Rock!!
    When she sings “thoughts of you warm my bones” or “I spin you through a delicate wash, I wear you all day”…. *swoon* 😉

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