Favourite Songs #8 – Annie Let’s Not Wait

Guillemots – Annie, Let’s not wait

Put as simple as I can I think the melody to this song is glorious. The chorus alone gives me goose pimples. Add to that the charming lyric and the wonderfully addictive change in rhythm towards the end and you have the reasons this song has grown to be one of the most loved in my collection. On a completely irrelevant note I thought for ages that he sang ‘We could sit for years, staring at our feet’. It was of course:

we could sit for years
staring at our fears
oh they’re such pretty things
they’re so cute
but in the end they’re just a suit

Personally I like both interpretations 🙂 In terms of concept it is a straight-forward love song with an underlying idea that time creates an urgency when it comes to love. My favourite line in the song being

oh Annie let’s not wait
time’s not on our side
well it never was
you know that deep inside

The Guillemots have many great songs but for me this one is the one that shines the brightest, by far.


One response to “Favourite Songs #8 – Annie Let’s Not Wait

  1. I love Annie too, but for me it’s got to be Trains To Brazil! The build up of excitement, the line “And I think of you on cold winter mornings, they remind me of when we were in school” followed by the bell, the brass section and the squiggly Dr. Who sounds… Love the whole thing! 😀

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