Favourite Songs 2008

Now that I’ve calmed down from the stress of compiling my favourite albums I’ve moved on to look at individual tracks that have impressed me over the last twelve months. It’s a very different list from the favourite albums one although the 80’s flair continues somewhat at times. In my opinion it was a truly wonderful year for pop. The songwriter finally rising in importance again after the shameful dominance of the pretty-looking record label puppets of the past decade. In fact, pop largely dominates this list. Santogold, Ladyhawke and The Ting Tings all producing quality pop singles that any self-respecting music lover could loudly and proudly play. 

My number 1 is so placed for many reasons. Firstly I think it  is a wonderful pop track with the perfect coupling of Estelle and Kanye West raising it far about other similar sounding tracks. I first heard it in March when I was in New York and it has followed me about ever since. I have requested it more than any other track in my life on nights out and danced to it more times than one would ever think possible. And it has a Wok Wobbler in it for heaven’s sake! Above all, and this is a very personal reason it has made me feel so incredibly happy, so often, that I couldn’t not award it with the number 1 spot. Plus I love it when Conorland and the real music world collide – popular enough for clubs to play and good enough for me to want to hear it.

Numbers 2 and 3 share a similar vision in their grand musical dramatic swell. Dying is fine is like a lost Smiths’ anthem while The Age of the Understatement leans more towards Scott Walker. I loved both from the very first time I heard them. Incredible songs.

One other notable point about 2008 and music for me is that I have had the incredible good fortune to have a great friend (My occasionally Dutch teaching friend) who, not only has a wonderful taste in music, but who regularly introduces me to new songs and artists. His recommendations are, without fail, top quality and pretty much always end up in my favourites folder. Almost half of the songs on this list I discovered through him. It would have been a much poorer year for me music-wise had it not been for him.

So here they are from 20 to 1. It’s time to swap that wok wobbler for a glass of something bubbly to celebrate.

20. That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings

19. Heartbeat – Late of the Pier

18. Get over it – Guillemots

17. In this City – Iglu & Hartly

16. Everyday I work on the road – Voicst

15. Time to Pretend – MGMT

14. Lights and Music – Cut Copy

13. Hallelujah – The Helio Sequence

12. The Great Beyond – Aimee Mann

11. Sabali – Amadou & Mariam

10. Oh No – Andrew Bird

9. One Day Like This – Elbow

8. Kriss Kross – Guillemots

7. Paper Planes – M.I.A.

6. Paris is Burning – Ladyhawke

5. Great DJ – The Ting Tings

4. L.E.S. Artistes – Santogold

3. Dying is Fine – Ra Ra Riot

2. The Age of the understatement – Last Shadow Puppets

1. American Boy – Estelle ft Kanye West


Previous Winners:

2007 – Andrew Bird – Imitosis

2006 – BellX1 – Rocky took a lover

2005 – Patty Griffin – Top of the World

2004 – The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

2003 – Autamata – Out of This


7 responses to “Favourite Songs 2008

  1. Ok, this may appear a bit stalkerish, but here I am again!! I just can’t resist a good list and especially if it’s made by a fellow list onbsessive 😀
    Again: excellent work!!! Love it.

    However.. May I point out that you almost praised the renewed attention for songwriting skills in the same sentence as The Ting Tings?!! Hey, I love singing “Imagine al the girls ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah” in the club as much as the next neon clad person, but literature it aint :p (Sorry couldn’t resist that one)

    And I’m going to have a Hartley little word with you about the Iglu mention… Really?

  2. Each to their own. I happen to think that Great DJ is indeed a really great song! Ditto the Iglu & Hartly one. And if you can have Sam Sparro (!?!) and De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig I am surely allowed my indulgences – just saying 🙂 🙂 And credit to me for not including the Alphabeats hehe 😉

  3. I was just about to ask; no alphabeats!?

    American Boy is cool and all, but I think her earlier ones show her as a better lyricist. 1980 and Go Gone for example.

    Good list though!

  4. I don’t think I’ll ever be an Estelle fan to be honest – this one just captured a moment for me, but I’ll check out the two you recommend. You just never know 🙂

  5. Wow. I know 1 song on your list and have a sneaking suspicion I’ve heard 1 other. The rest are a mystery. This is what I get for listening to NPR podcasts all day.

    Hey, you seem knowledgeable. Can you tell me what song starts with the yodeling? It’s a woman singer, that’s all I can tell you. (One of the girls on my football team had this as her ringtone and it reminds me of football.)

  6. fantastic songs on here. i’m in total agreement.

  7. ann – hehe well two is better than none 🙂

    red – can’t wait for yours !!

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