Album of the Month – January 2009

Andrew Bird – Noble Beast

Andrew Bird’s albums are usually of the type that steadily grow in strength for me. A slow burner if you will. They always have a couple of tracks that are immediately likable and the rest hover about patiently as you process the melody amidst all the whistling and frantic violin playing. Noble Beast hasn’t changed from this formula. What has changed somewhat is the type of songs that are presented here. Compared to his last two albums the songs here are grander and less…quirky.

The lyrics however remain as playful and fun as ever. Take the following from Oh No and try to say it three times as fast as you can.

“in the salsify mains of what was thought but unsaid
all the calcified arhythmitists were doing the math”  

Overall Noble Beast is as strong as you would expect from Mr Bird, just somewhat calmer than some of his other work. The harmonies in Effigy alone would warm the heart of any music lover. A wonderful start to the new music year.


2 responses to “Album of the Month – January 2009

  1. I can’t listen to the album without thinking what perfect cycling music it is. Wah!

  2. Not to mention spending long hours on buses 🙂

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