2009, What a Dull Year for Music!

I haven’t written on this blog for an age and the reason is quite sad indeed. For me this has been the dullest year for new music I can remember. Very, very little has caught my attention and kept it. There have been some good tracks but very few albums that I would consider good, let alone great. Some of the year’s most hyped acts leave me severely unimpressed;

Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest  all sounds very nice but the actual songs are more than a little weak

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion  really not as good as the reviews said

Florence and the Machine – Lungs  an okay album but really nothing original or special. I would prefer Marina & the Diamonds who have MUCH better songs and manage not to sound like a rehashed Kate Bush. Can’t wait for their album to come out.

 La Roux – La Roux horribly irritating voice shrieking to be freed from the 80s!

 Some of the acts that I expected great things of were also very disappointing;

Tegan & Sara – Sainthood  doesn’t come close to the brilliance of The Con

Bat for Lashes – Two Suns  why did she forget how to write good songs?

Tori Amos – Abnormally Attracted to Sin  the word boring is an understatement

 The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love  spends too long meandering around a theme and sadly lacks strong tunes apart from the magnificent Rake Song

A Camp – Colonia  a Fairly lifeless, forgettable effort

Antony & the Johnsons – The Crying Light  I can barely remember one tune after listening to the album countless times

Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms  really quite boring apart from the one Sufjanesque song Big Bird in a Small Cage

 Bell X1 – Blue Lights on the Runway  one great song among a largely uninspiring set

 There HAS to be more original music out there than that lot! Probably the best thing I heard this year was Pixies in concert performing an album that is 20 years old! If there was an album out this year half as good as Doolittle I certainly haven’t hear it yet.

Not that I value their opinion much but Q magazine have struggled so hard to find good albums their top ten list of 2009 includes the drivel U2 produced, Lily Allen (!) and Muse. Their favourite album of the year? Kasabian. Really?

It is quite likely that the year ahead will offer me fewer opportunities to listen to new music as I embark on my year of travelling. I can only hope that when I settle down again that I will have a richer year of music to delve back into than the last twelve months has given us.

Of course there were some that I did like and I am currently reviewing what the year has offered before committing to my own list of favourites of the year. But it is seriously a struggle. As my Occasionally Pole-Dancing Friend might say, colour me unimpressed!


2 responses to “2009, What a Dull Year for Music!

  1. Your Ocassionally Pole Dancing Friend

    Colour me somewhat unimpressed. I have to disagree with some of your non-favourites; I love Antony and the Johnsons album this year. And there are some other great ones that I discovered that I never knew about before.

    Was it a year crammed full of albums that will be on repeat? Probably not.

    2010 should be good though: new Midlake album. I’m praying for a new Shins (although I’m not sure how likely that will be) etc.

  2. yeah I wanted to like Antony’s album but after listening again and again the songs never broke through the generic sound the album give off for me. There were a few good offerings though, more about them later 🙂

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