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Favourite Songs #2 – Out Of This

How is it that Carol Keogh, one of the very best singers in Ireland, has remained almost completely unknown? It has always baffled me that she has never ‘made it big’. I fell head over heels with her instantly when I first heard her voice on The Plague Monkeys by The Plague Monkeys. The Plague Monkeys were a sublime group who made deliciously fragile music. Their debut album remains on high rotation in Conorland, even after all these years. I had the incredible privilege of seeing them play live on my very last night living in Galway in 1998 (Just before fleeing to Windmill land). Carol’s voice is in a league of its own. It’s distinctive and sweet but laced with something that reaches down much much deeper. She can do playful and mourning, often simultaneously. I adore many many songs on which she sings but for now, in this series (I will do it more often I promise) I have chosen one of my all time favourites. Here she sings with Autamata – another woefully underrated Irish group.
Every single moment of this song is perfect. The point when Carol breaks into Japanese singing is the highlight for me. I still sigh when I hear it – it is simply breathtaking. It really and truly doesn’t get much better for me.

As a bonus I am including the song that first introduced me to Carol. I have about ten favourite Plague Monkeys tracks so I have a feeling I’ll be talking about them again.

Out of This – Autamata

The Plague Monkeys – The Plague Monkeys